“I`m so busy”

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There is nothing worse than sending a text message and not getting a response.

We all heard ALL the excuses before, especially this one: “I don’t carry my phone on me 24/7!!” Let me say: Oh yes you do…everyone does. Or “I don’t check my phone all day long.” Let me say: Really?!

As we all know, like it or not, that`s how we communicate now. My frustration is specifically geared toward people who lets you down in the middle of the conversation. Let me say: Being suddenly so busy is the lamest excuse you can offer… because I am as busy as anyone else…but I still manage to check my phone and answer people. And give them the answers until the conversation is ended. No one is so busy that 12 hours later they can’t take TEN seconds to send a quick text…

Acting like this I think its arrogance. Simply the individuals sits there, looking at the (smart)phone and ask themselves do I really want to reply… Well, and again, let me say: Do I really want to give this person a reason to feed their – so busy and artificial – wannabe someone he/she will never be – Ego? No!!

I consider that human communication and keeping friendships is an art! It’s not something anyone is capable of.

I used to know a few, to whom I helped when it was up to me to help them. But after that, their arid and wannabe ego activated. And they become so busy to offer the opportunity for a complete conversation. Again, let me say: Don`t even get in a conversation if you don`t have what it takes to anticipate the outcome… And don`t lose my time refusing to respond to my messages.

However, I strongly believe that to have success in life you have to be good at communicating with friends…and people. Respecting people is the key. Let me finally say: the more I get to know people like that, my love to animals increases.

Just saying…

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